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Presentations and Supporting Papers

Svalgaard1.pdf ISSI-233 Proposal

Svalgaard.pdf Welcome

Agenda.pdf Agenda

Beer.pdf Maunder Minimum part 1

Beer2.pdf Maunder Minimum part 2

Crooker.pdf Open Magnetic Flux

Crooker2.pdf The "peculiar" Solar Minimum

Crooker3.pdf Global network of slow solar wind

Balogh.pdf Heliospheric magnetic field and magnetic flux density

Charbonneau1.pdf Dynamo tutorial I: Solar dynamo models

Passos.pdf Dynamo tutorial II: Fluctuations and intermittency

Charbonneau2.pdf Dynamo tutorial III: From dynamo to interplanetary magnetic field

Cliver.pdf The Floor in the Solar wind Magnetic Field: Fact or Figment?

Svalgaard2.pdf Sunspot Number Reconstructions

Svalgaard3.pdf The Livingston & Penn Observations and Speculations

McCracken.pdf Comments by McCracken

McCracken2.pdf Long term reconstructions from cosmogenics

Owens.pdf Figures for ISSI workshop

Owens2.pdf Cyclic loss of open flux: Implications for the Maunder Minimum

Riley.pdf Inferring the Structure of the Solar Corona and Inner Heliosphere during the Maunder Minimum using MHD Simulations

Siscoe.pdf Auroral Activity During the Maunder Minimum

Siscoe2.pdf Reconstructing Solar Activity from Auroral Data

Usoskin.pdf Heliospheric Modulation of Galactic cosmic Rays on different Time Scales

Lockwood.pdf Solar cycle 24: what is the Sun up to?

DudokDeWit.pdf Can the Total Solar Irradiance be reconstructed from solar activity proxies?

DeRosa.pdf Speculations on solar magnetic fields and the solar wind

Barnard.pdf ...