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Agenda for the 3rd SSN Workshop, NSO, Tucson, AZ, 22-25 January 2013

January 22 Motivation, Progress Review, and Extension of the Recalibration to 1750

Morning Chair: Alexei Pevtsov

09:00 Mark Giampapa, Welcome

09:10 Ed Cliver, Why the SSN needs Recalibration & Summary of Workshops 1 & 2

09:40 Frédéric Clette, The Stability of the Sunspot Number: Reconstructions and Lessons From the Last 30 Years

10:50 Break

11:10 Laurence Wauters, Sunspot Index and Group Number Reconstructions from 1949-2012

11:45 Leif Svalgaard, Sunspot Number Weighting Revisited (Im Westen nichts Neues)

12:30 Lunch Afternoon Chair: Luca Bertello

14:00 Leif Svalgaard, Building a Sunspot Group Number Backbone Series

15:00 Jeffrey Love, Reservations Regarding the Use of the Magnetic Needle

15:40 Break

16:00 Andreas Bulling (Skype), The SONNE SSN Network: 35 Years & Counting

16:30 Jan Alvestad, The Solar Terrestrial Activity Report

17:00 Opening Reception

January 23 Statistical Probes and Checks of the Sunspot Record

Morning Chair: Giuliana de Toma

08:30 David Hathaway, Statistical Analysis of Sunspot Numbers

09:30 Jeffrey Love & E. Joshua Rigler, SSN Random Walk and 22-yr Variation

09:45 Rodney Howe, The AAVSO SSN: Evidence for a Recent Change

10:15 Break

10:30 Peter Foukal (Skype), The Post-Greenwich Discontinuity in Sunspot Areas (1)

11:15 Laura Balmaceda, The Post-Greenwich Discontinuity in Sunspot Areas (2)

12:00 Brown Bag Luncheon with talks:

12:00 Andrés Muñoz-Jaramillo, Solar Cycle Propagation, Memory, and Prediction: Insights from a Century of Magnetic Proxies

12:40 Leif Svalgaard, Vistas in Solar Activity

13:15 Field Trip to Kitt Peak Solar Observatory

24 January Peculiarities of Cycles 23/24 and the Livingston-Penn Effect

Morning Chair: Frédéric Clette

08:30 Bill Livingston & Matt Penn, Evolution of the Magnetic Fields in Spots Since 1998

09:15 Alexei Pevtsov, Luca Bertello, & Andrey Tlatov, Long-term Evolution of Magnetic Fields in Sunspots From Measurements at MWO and Other Observatories

10:00 Break

10:20 Rodney Howe, The AAVSO SSN: Evidence for a Recent Change

10:30 Jamie Riggs, Statistical Evidence for a Shift in Average Daily Sunspot Group Counts

11:00 Giuliana de Toma, Sunspot Behavior During the Recent Solar Minimum and Consequences for Total Solar Irradiance

11:45 Laure Lefèvre, Sunspot Behavior During the Recent Solar Minimum

12:30 Lunch

Afternoon Chair: Matt Penn

14:00 Leif Svalgaard, The Spots That Won’t Form

14:40 Andras Ludmány & Judit Muraközy, Sunspot Area Measurements from Debrecen: Testing the Sunspot Number with Detailed Datasets

15:20 Break

15:40 Carl Henney, Comparison of the SSN & F10.7 with Photospheric Magnetic Indices

16:20 Open Discussion

19:00 Workshop Banquet (Guadalajara Grill)

25 January A Look Back and A Look Ahead

Morning Chair: Laure Lefèvre

09:00 José Vaquero (Skype), Recent Work on Improving the Historical Spot Record

09:30 Fraser Watson, Measuring Sunspots from Space

10:10 Andrey Tlatov & Alexei Pevtsov, Preliminary Results of Automatic Identification of Sunspots in HMI/SDO data

10:50 Break

11:10 Andrés Muñoz-Jaramillo, Implications of the SSN for Solar Dynamo Studies & Climate Change

12:00 Lunch

Afternoon Chair: David Hathaway

13:30 Gary Chapman / Jack Harvey / Monica Laurenza / David Webb, Summary & Critique

15:30 Break

16:00 Ed, Frédéric, Leif & All, Plans for the Fourth SSN Workshop (Switzerland?, October 2013)

16:30 Jeffrey Love, Some Comments