SSN-Workshop Wiki

Bertello.pdf Development of the Ca II K-line Index

Biesecker.pdf The Boulder Sunspot Number

Clette1.pdf History of SIDC Sunspot Number

Clette2.pdf First Sunspot Workshop, Conclusions and actions

Cliver.pdf Why the Sunspot Number Needs Re-examination

Cliver1.pdf Letter about Next Workshop

Cliver2.pdf Preliminary Assignments for 2nd SSN Workshop

Cliver3.pdf IUGG-XXV: History and Calibration of Sunspot Numbers

Cnossen.pdf The effects of secular change in the internal magnetic field of the Earth on geomagnetic activity

DudokdeWit.pdf Sunspot data analysis using coherency

Hathaway.pdf Group Sunspot Numbers

Hathaway2.pdf RGO/USAF Sunspot Areas

Hathaway3.pdf The Curious Case of the Sunspot Penumbrae

Kilcik.pdf New Approach to Sunspot Number Data Set Production

Lefevre.pdf A small-sunspot deficit in cycle 23

Livingston.pdf Sunspots & Fe 15648 Å

Pevtsov.pdf Sunspot Area as SSN Correlate: Greenwich and Beyond

Schatten.pdf On Group Sunspot Number

Svalgaard.pdf Rudolf Wolf and the Sunspot Number

Svalgaard2.pdf Geomagnetic Calibration of Sunspot Numbers

Svalgaard3.pdf The Effect of Weighting in Counting Sunspots

Svalgaard4.pdf ‘The Waldmeier Discontinuity’ [at SSL, UC Berkeley]

Tapping.pdf Changes in the Relationship between F10.7 and Sunspot Number – An Update

Tapping2.pdf F10.7

Vaquero.pdf Historical Sunspot Database

White.pdf Microwave Emission and the Solar Cycle

Yigit.pdf Effects of Lower Magnetic Fields on the Thermosphere-Ionosphere