VanDerLinden.pdf Welcome

Cliver4.pdf Why the Sunspot Number Needs Re-Examination

Hudson.pdf Workshop Summary/Discussion

Cagnotti.pdf The Zurich-Locarno Method

Svalgaard5.pdf The Group Sunspot Number

Svalgaard6.pdf The Effect of Weighting in Counting Sunspots

Svalgaard7.pdf What is Wrong with the Group Sunspot Number and How to Fix it

Svalgaard8.pdf Geomagnetic Calibration of Sunspot Numbers

Svalgaard9.pdf Sunspot Number Reconstructions

Brajsa.pdf Tools for Predicting and Reconstructing Properties of Solar Cycles

Clette3.pdf Reconstructions of the group sunspot number 1981 - 2012

Clette4.pdf The International Sunspot Index Ri: the last 50 years

Clette5.pdf Ra versus Ri: a tell-tale comparison

Cliver5.pdf Meeting Highlights & Planning for 3rd and 4th SSN Workshop

DeToma.pdf Sunspot Contrast and Area Over Two Solar Cycles

Crosby.pdf Workshop Summary / Discussion

Foukal.pdf What Have Measurements on the Archival Ca K Plates Taught Us About Solar Irradiance Variation?

Watson.pdf A first systematic look at sunspot statistics from space

Laurenza.pdf The Empirical Mode Decomposition to study the sunspot number variability

Lefevre2.pdf Are the sunspots vanishing?

Penn.pdf Changing Distribution of Umbral IR Magnetic Field Strengths and Application to F10.7

Nagovitsyn.pdf On a possible explanation of Livingston-Penn effect

Pesnell.pdf Solar cycle Predictions

Pevtsov.pdf Sunspot Area as SSN Correlate: Greenwich and Beyond

Pevtsov2.pdf Sunspot Magnetic Fields and umbral areas in Cycles 15-19

Riggs.pdf A Generalized Linear Mixed Model for Enumerated Sunspots

Tlatov.pdf Reconstruction of the characteristics of sunspots in the period 1853-1879

Tlatov2.pdf Numerical processing of sunspot images using the digitized Royal Greenwich Observatory Archive

Tlatov3.pdf Kislovodsk sunspot indices

Vaquero2.pdf Sunspot data from 17th-19th centuries

Friedli.pdf Rudolf Wolf and the Sunspot Number

Poetzi.pdf Sunspot Obervations at the Kanzelhoehe Observatory

Cnossen2.pdf The effects of secular change in the Earth's internal magnetic field on geomagnetic activity

Arlt.pdf Clean WSN and GSN from Schwabe's originals

Arlt2.pdf Historical sunspot observations in their originals

Arlt3.pdf First solar butterfly diagram from Schwabe’s observations in 1825–1867

Bertello2.pdf Sunspot field strength measurements from Mt. Wilson Observatory

Bertello3.pdf How well do the Ca II K index time series correlate with the ISN?

DudokdeWit2.pdf TunsBot Dumbers

Usoskin.pdf Cosmogenic radionuclides: an index of Solar activity

Willis.pdf The Greenwich Photo-heliographic Results 1874-1976

Willis2.pdf Reconciling ISN and GSN: Evidence from the Greenwich Photo-heliographic Results

Willis3.pdf The Greenwich Photo-heliographic Results 1874-1976 (Long version)

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