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Giampapa.pdf Welcome

Cliver6.pdf Why the SSN needs Recalibration & What we have Learned so Far

Clette6.pdf The Stability of the Sunspot Number: Reconstructions and Lessons From the Last 30 Years

Wauters.pdf Sunspot Index and Group Number Reconstructions from 1949-2012

Svalgaard13.pdf Sunspot Number Weighting Revisited (Im Westen nichts Neues)

Svalgaard11.pdf Building a Sunspot Group Number Backbone Series

Love.pdf Reservations Regarding the Use of the Magnetic Needle

Bulling.pdf The SONNE SSN Network: 35 Years & Counting

Alvestad.pdf The Solar Terrestrial Activity Report

Hathaway4.pdf Statistical Analysis of Sunspot Numbers

Love2.pdf SSN Random Walk and 22-yr Variation

Howe2.pdf The AAVSO SSN: Evidence for a Recent Change

Foukal2.pdf An explanation of the scale difference between RGO and USAF/NOAA spot records

Balmaceda?.pdf The Post-Greenwich Discontinuity in Sunspot Areas

Munoz.pdf Solar Cycle Propagation, Memory, and Prediction: Insights from a Century of Magnetic Proxies

Svalgaard14.pdf Vistas in Solar Activity

Penn2.pdf Evolution of the Magnetic Fields in Spots Since 1998

Bertello4.pdf Long-term Evolution of Magnetic Fields in Sunspots From Measurements at MWO and Other Observatories (1)

Pevtsov3.pdf Long-term Evolution of Magnetic Fields in Sunspots From Measurements at MWO and Other Observatories (2)

Riggs2.pdf Statistical Evidence for a Shift in Average Daily Sunspot Group Counts

DeToma2.pdf Sunspot Behavior During the Recent Solar Minimum and Consequences for Total Solar Irradiance

Lefevre3.pdf Sunspot Behavior During the Recent Solar Minimum

Svalgaard12.pdf The Spots That Won’t Form

Ludmany.pdf Sunspot Area Measurements from Debrecen: Testing the Sunspot Number with Detailed Datasets

Henney.pdf Comparison of the SSN & F10.7 with Photospheric Magnetic Indices

Vaquero3.pdf Recent Work on Improving the Historical Spot Record

Watson3.pdf Measuring Sunspots from Space

Tlatov5.pdf Preliminary Results of Automatic Identification of Sunspots in HMI/SDO data

Tlatov4.pdf Long-term Variations of Sunspot Properties

Munoz2.pdf Implications of the SSN for Solar Dynamo Studies & Climate Change

Clette7.pdf Highlights

Chapman.pdf Comments

Harvey.pdf Comments & Suggestions

Webb.pdf Devils's Advocate

Love3.pdf Some Comments