SSN-Workshop Wiki


Cliver7.pdf Introduction to the Workshop

Alvestad2.pdf Parallel sunspot counts with SDO/HMI

Ambrosetti.pdf The Global Climate Observing System

Clette8.pdf Sunspot Number essentials: A tortuous way from Galileo to Locarno

Clette9.pdf Release of a new Sunspot Number, Practical and logistical issues

Clette10.pdf The Brussels period (1981-2014)

Clette11.pdf Assembling all corrections, preview and specification

Javaraiah.pdf Long-term variations in the number of small and large sunspot groups

Hathaway5.pdf Schwabe to Waldmeier: 1826 to 1980 reprised

Howe3.pdf Summer Student solar Observing Project

Howe4.pdf Historical Space Weather Datasets

Ramelli.pdf The Specola sunpot drawing archive

Vaquero4.pdf Pre-Maunder-Minimum observations

Vaquero5.pdf Sunspot archive at Universidad de Extremadura

Vaquero6.pdf From Galileo through the Maunder Minimum

Svalgaard15.pdf The Effects of Weighting in Counting Sunspots & More...

Pevtsov4.pdf Long-term Trends in Sunspot Magnetic Field Strengths

Willis4.pdf Re-examination of the Daily Number of Sunspot Groups for the Royal Greenwich Observatory (1874-1885)

Foukal3.pdf Two Mysteries of Solar Activity Indices

Watson4.pdf A multi-instrument analysis of sunspot umbrae

Hejda.pdf Prague Magnetic Records, Digitization and Use

Froehlich.pdf TSI Reconstruction back to 1915 with a Proxy Model and the Sunspot Number

DudokdeWit3.pdf All sunspots are equal, but some are more equal than others

DeToma3.pdf Sunspots in Cycle 24 (Are we heading for a Maunder Minimum?)

DudokdeWit4.pdf How to deal with uncertainty

Lefevre4.pdf Sunspot behavior in the last solar cycles

Stenflo.pdf Workshop Summary & Critique

Stenflo2.pdf The transition of the SSN from Zürich to Brussels in 1980